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Our Branches of Care

Our Branches: A Continuum of Care

Just as a tree needs the proper nutrients, adequate water, and plenty of sunlight to grow; our residents need a healthy and holistic recovery environment to help them reach the highest level of health possible. At Parkside, the four branches of our Continuum of Care allow us to offer a holistic care approach. It’s hard when you have to move your loved one from facility to facility as they recover. Through our short-term, long-term, personal and memory care; we can stay right by your side as we embrace whatever your specific journey requires.

Four Branches of Care

1. Short-Term Care

Most often, the journey begins with short-term care. where the focus is post-acute rehabilitation for residents transitioning out of an acute medical facility. We currently have a 40-bed short-term care branch.

2. Long-Term Care

Sometimes the journey calls for an extended time of recovery. This could be due to several factors such as underlying health issues or the emergence of new complications to the recovery process. If you and our medical staff determine that your loved one would benefit more from a long-term care environment, there’s no need to leave Parkside. Our long-term branch is equipped with a superior skilled nursing team to take care of your loved one.

3. Personal Care

The third level of our Continuum of Care is our personal care branch. For those residents who are ready to transition to a more independent living arrangement but still need nursing support, The Suites at Parkside are the perfect next step in the journey.

4. Memory Care

Wing of Hope offers dedicated memory support to residents with diagnoses such as dementia and Alzheimers. Our memory therapists help manage and strengthen the mind while our skilled nursing team cares for the overall health of our residents.

What people are saying about Parkside

“The nurses and CNA‘s are exceptional. If I had a need, they took care of it. They are like your friends. They’re very caring and very concerned about the resident. I had therapy while I was there and the occupational therapist and physical therapist were very good. They took the time needed to be with me, and I never felt rushed.”

Melanie B.

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Clinical Care

We provide our residents with a wide range of medical services to make sure the recovery process goes smoothly.

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Rehabilitation Services

In addition to a successful rehabilitation plan, it is important to get the medical care you need while you are recovering.